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The Rabbit Hole Podcast - With Monty Hooke

Sep 9, 2020

About This Episode

In this very exciting first episode, I interview Mr. Jamie McIntyre, a success coach, entrepreneur, and author. This powerful discussion went very deep as we talk about the world in 2020 and what roles each of us has to play to make it better. Jamie stressed the importance of becoming hyper-aware of how we form our ideas about what’s happening now, especially those that might be controversial.

Jamie shared the eye-opening story of his journey, how he sees the world today, and what are his thoughts on the outdated broken models of education, media, and politics and how that is molding a broken society.


About Guest 

Jamie McIntyre is a success coach, entrepreneur, and author, passionate speaker, an activist and has a strong voice against the outdated education system. In his early twenties, he found himself on the edge of bankruptcy but in less than a decade, he became a self-made millionaire. I found mentors who were successful in business and investing, read books, and went to seminars. He educated himself and grew passionate about educating others. From this, 21st Century Education and the 21st Century Group was born.

The 21st Century Group grew to be one of the largest financial education resources in Australia. It became a group of over 12 companies with reach in industries such as education, trading, accounting, property, finance broking, stockbroking, financial services, media, publishing and news, resort development, and agriculture.

Jamie has worked with some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, such as speaking on stage with Sir Richard Branson, Tim Ferriss, Randi Zuckerberg, and more. He also entered Australian Federal Politics in 2013 with the launch of the party with the aim to bring our education and political systems into the 21st Century.


What you’ll learn in this episode:

  •     [00:02:44] Academia ≠ intelligence: Jamie talks about the outdated education system & how this affects us in today's society
  •     [00:09:27] How the media dictates what politicians are in power, and how that affects us
  •     [00:18:09] The media conspiracy theory
  •     [00:22:03] Jamie’s take on vaccines
  •     [00:34:58] The solution: The steps to creating change
  •     [00:41:23] What is the “One-world government, centralized control”
  •     [00:46:35] Why Bill Gates may not be the philanthropist  we think he is
  •     [00:55:47] Hyper awareness is the key to everything. How we develop that.
  •     [00:57:03] Getting leverage on ourselves to take actions more in line with what we want to see in the world
  •     And many more.


Quotes to remember:

The first step to creating change in our own lives and in the global sense is awareness. - Jamie McIntyre on how to be of service to humanity

You don’t own the right to question the alternative narratives until you question the mainstream narrative. - Jamie McIntyre to the people of the world

United as we stand, we can divide them and accelerate their fall. - Jamie McIntyre on war against a dangerous enemy


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Audio Snippet:

In this episode, I interview Jamie Mcintyre. Jamie is the founder of 21st Century education and the Australian National Review. 

This was a very powerful interview, as Jamie is a very outspoken and passionate activist on demanding the truth. 

We went very deep down the rabbit hole on whats happening in the world in 2020, and why it's important for all of us to become aware of we form our own ideas about what is happening in the world. Including those that might be controversial.

Make sure you listen to the end of this interview, you’ll see why, and how this planet can be an amazing place for us to live in, and hopefully you’ll start to get some ideas for the opportunities that exist in this better new world.

You’re going to have fun with this one!


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