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The Rabbit Hole Podcast - With Monty Hooke

Dec 7, 2020

In this episode  I speak to Blase Grinner, A Speaker & Transformation Coach from Australia working with men globally.

This was a very powerful conversation for both men & women, talking about how over the last 3 generations, we have lost our way in terms of masculine and feminine energy & how solving this can correct so many of society's dysfunctions. 

Blase shared his story of he, as an overly macho testosterone filled man had a spiritual awakening & has built a life for himself and his family where he gets to be a powerful role model for his children.

We went deep down The Rabbit Hole on ego, sex, family, energy, purpose & much more.

Strap yourselves in folks. There’s something for all of us here to learn.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode
05:10 Toxic Masculinity?
07:54 Generation of People Pleasers
12:20 Female and Male Energy
17:30 Honest Conversation with Yourself
24:35 Bringing Power Back to Ourselves
30:04 Prophecy of The Eagle and The Condor
34:37 Tune into your Frequency
37:13 Men Lost Trust In Men
44:37 Framework of Energies

 “Don’t go preaching the people that don’t want to change, talk to people that are seeking”

“Find some men that see you for you, they don't judge you of what you’ve done in the past, but they just want you to be a better man for yourself”

About Blase Grinner:
Blase is a speaker and transformation coach from Sunshine Coast, Australia, working with men globally to build meaningful & impactful relations with themselves (mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually), their families, community, finances allowing them to live a life on purpose.

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