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The Rabbit Hole Podcast - With Monty Hooke

Jun 23, 2021

Today I interviewd Sasha Heart. An entrepreneur based here in Bali, co-founder of yogi lab, founder of Deepwood Furniture, and a confidence and relationship coach to women.

We went deep down the rabbit hole on building a business with heart, creating  successful relationships, and how to develop authenticity and confidence. 

A lot of wisdom in this one folks, stay tuned, you are going to love this episode with Sasha heart.


About Sascha Haert
Relationships are and have always been, the most important thing in my life. Born into a loving and present family, in a home that sat next to a firing line in communist East Berlin, Sascha learned the incredible power of healthy relationships from an early age. As a former professional basketball player and captain of the Junior National Team, Sascha went on travels around the world and grew into a life of successful entrepreneurship, investing, building and managing 6-7 figure businesses across Europe & Asia.


What You’ll Learn in This Episode


1. 05:20 The Problem Women Are Facing
2. 09:02 How To Handle Multiple Businesses
3. 10:29 Business With Heart
4. 17:11 Remove Yourself From Media
5. 28:52 Aliens and Superpowers
6. 34:19 Spiritual Hustlers Club
7. 49:03 Problem Patterns in Humanity
8. 52:18 What Kind of Relationship Do You Want?
9. 1:00:07 Applying Authentic Confidence


Quotes - Sascha Haert
1. If you’re fully present with someone, they will feel safe and let their guard down.
2. Confidence is power. That doesn't mean power over someone else, but just power over your own life.
3. The most important part is to choose love for yourself because we so often don't. We usually treat everyone else much better than we treat ourselves.

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