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The Rabbit Hole Podcast - With Monty Hooke

Nov 30, 2020

In this episode  I speak to Joel Brown. A transformation coach and founder of media site ‘Addicted 2 Success’. 

We went deep down the rabbit hole on money, religion, spirituality, politics and the 2020 fake pandemic. 

This was a fun one folks. A lot of practical wisdom for all of us who are seekers of financial & spiritual abundance.


What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  1. 5:36 The glory not the story
  2. 8:02 Fake motivation
  3. 10:57 Not religion but relationship
  4. 27:45 Lost in Translation
  5. 32:03 Spiritually Bankrupt
  6. 35:28 Identity Shaped
  7. 48:48 The Truth Can Be Scary
  8. 54:57 The Non-Conformity Mindset
  9. 1:00:59 Truth is somewhere in the middle


“And the question is, even through our impatience, and our vision and our mission, what are we willing to suffer for? ”

“There is value in your heart, you created with value, the creator wants you to function in the best design as possible” 

About Joel Brown

Joel Brown is a speaker & transformation coach who has shared the stage with & interviews the likes of Tony Robbins, Simon Sinek & Deepak Chopra. 

Joel mentors & guides entrepreneurs to build massively successful online businesses allowing them to create to live life on their terms.

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