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The Rabbit Hole Podcast - With Monty Hooke

Jan 10, 2021

For the second time on the show, I talk with Bali based Candian Entrepreneur Aren Bahia. Aren is the Co-Founder of Yogi Lab, an online education platform supporting people all around the world with personal development and meditation. 

Wow this one was super insightful. We spoke about what is it going to take to have the best 2021 possible, how to cultivate being of service, we spoke about creating abundance through building cool businesses, & of course went down some rabbit holes talking about ego, aliens and plandemics. 

Aren shared his story of why & how he quit his career as a successful drug dealer, giving up money and power to channel that into what is now building a portfolio of conscious businesses. 

This was a super fun & insightful conversation.  You do not want to miss.


What You’ll Learn in This Episode - Aren Bahia

  1. 06:52 Island of Paradise
  2. 14:56 Drug Dealer As Validation
  3. 17:40 Embracing The Rock Bottom
  4. 21:57 A Man Of Faith
  5. 27:11 Breakthrough In 2021
  6. 29:54 Structure For Success
  7. 32:17 Be A Spiritual Hustler
  8. 36:09 Practicing Self-Power
  9. 43:00 Having Multi-Dimensional Perspectives
  10. 50:54 Conflict Between Freedom and Discipline
  11. 55:50 Self-Esteem Is The Foundation For Everything
  12. 1:04:13 Are You A Fountain Or A Drain?


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Quotes - Aren Bahia
“You’re responsible for what you have done. Be accountable for everything and make better choices”

“If you hit the rock bottom, embrace it, because it’s great place to change”

“I think we forget to remember to be good to ourselves”