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The Rabbit Hole Podcast - With Monty Hooke

Oct 22, 2020

About This Episode

In this episode, I talk with Leah Simmons, a Bali based leader in health and fitness. Leah has dedicated her life to studying multiple modalities of movement, exercise, breathing, yoga & meditation, and is now teaching all of these practices into a philosophy she calls The Elevate Method.

We went deep...

Oct 15, 2020

About This Episode

In this episode I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Musician ‘Whitewolf’. Wow  we really did  go down some Rabbit Holes on this one. 

Whitewolf shared his story of how at 22 years old he was offered a contract with one of the worlds biggest production companies and turned it down because...

Oct 7, 2020

About This Episode

In this episode, I talk to the amazing Chef Cynthia Louise. A Bali based entrepreneur, restaurateur, and online Healthy cooking personality. 

Chef Cynthia is well known as one of the best when it comes to educating & empowering people to create healthy, happy lives through food.

We went deep on a few...

Oct 1, 2020

About This Episode

In this episode, I talk to Gil Petersil who is a
global expert on business strategy, effective networking, and successful partnership formulas. His entire life is about serving people and helping them to achieve any goal, building relationships on the basis of mutual value.

Gil explains how he...