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The Rabbit Hole Podcast - With Monty Hooke

May 15, 2021

Today I am joined by Jamie Gonzalez, A once very successful property developer, Jamie had a spiritual awakening at age 27 where he realised that status and money was not the thing that brings joy & fulfillment. He now dedicates his life to following the feeling, doing what he feels to do & mentoring others to be the truest expression of themselves.

We went deep down the rabbit hole on ego, consciousness, attachment and what it takes to tune into your most authentic self & create financial wealth from that place.

This was a fun episode folk. A lot of cool takeaways for all of us.

About Jamie Gonzales 

Jamie Gonzalez is an inspirational speaker, honest writer, and wholehearted mentor on what he describes as Limitless Living.

Jamie has spent the past almost now decade working with clients internationally one on one and in group facilitation. His mentoring is best described as a no-bullshit approach with a big heart. He knows what is required to get ourselves out of the way and experience the limitless potential that is available to us all.   

Committed to his journey, Jamie through his continued own self-realisation and being able to openly and clearly express that so others can then realise for themselves who they truly are is what his most passionate about


What You’ll Learn in This Episode

09:52 The Disconnected Millionaire

24:22 Limitless Living

33:10 Life Without Attachment

36:37 Does Your Identity Own You?

44:15 How To Face The Unknown

50:00 Are We Born To Self-Sabotage?

54:10 Openness To Ultimate Truth

1:03:10 Utopia Is A State Of Mind


Quotes - Jamie Gonzales :

-The most powerful thing to do is go through your process. No shortcuts, no hacks.

-The ultimate power is simply being your truest self.


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